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I am acquiring this strange situation with context menus.


You can set this snippet in the ConnectToSW technique


         swCommandManager = (CommandManager)SOLIDWORKSApplication.GetCommandManager(Cookie)

var CommandGroup = swCommandManager.AddContextMenu(15, “MyAddin”) as CommandGroup

            var commandID = CommandGroup.AddCommandItem2(“Edit”, , “Edit”, “Edit”, -1, “Edit”, “”, , (int)swCommandItemType_e.swToolbarItem)

            CommandGroup.SelectType = (int)swSelectType_e.swSelCOMPONENTS

            CommandGroup.ShowInDocumentType = (int)swDocTemplateTypes_e.swDocTemplateTypeASSEMBLY

            CommandGroup.HasToolbar = fake

            CommandGroup.HasMenu = fake



The debugger looks to strike the Activate() line and then abruptly exit the debug method. SOLIDWORKS 2017 looks also to crash.

Has any person observed this conduct in advance of. Many thanks!

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