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Hey All,


I am developing a profile shifted Helical equipment, and of course I want the actual product geometry so that I can have a non equipment store equipment it without having utilizing a equipment cutter.


In any case, the formulation use the “Involute Perform” and the “Inverse Involute Perform”  The later on uses an iterative approach to churn as a result of the equations right until the shifting result is compact more than enough so that you do not care.  When I try out this in Solidworks equation supervisor, it provides me the round reference message.  Fantastic that is what I want.  I tried out to cease the loop with an “IIF” statement to split out when a specified variety is attained, but no luck.


Am I on the proper monitor with the “IIF” statement?  Or is there just a button I can use to convert on iterative equations and restrict the loops the equation supervisor will work out?  They have this sort of factor for NX, but I am utilizing Soliworks now, and we’re not solely good friends as of however.

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